Become a Scuba Pro in the Bay Islands

Are you obsessed with scuba diving? If so, you should consider a career in the dive industry. There is no better way to share your love for all things marine than to teach scuba skills to new divers and to lead certified divers to point out incredibly diverse life underwater. There are many places to become a scuba pro in the Bay Islands, where you'll enjoy fantastic diving conditions and affordable programs.

Diving in the Bay Islands

The Mesoamerican Reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world and it culminates around the Bay Islands of Honduras. This healthy ecosystem is teeming with life and intriguing coral topography. The diving here is frequently hailed as some of the best in the Caribbean - and the entire world.

Diving conditions in the Bay Islands are fantastic, with extensive visibility, warm water temperatures year-round, and eclectic marine life. Utila is called the Whale Shark Capital while Roatan is lauded for its diversity of dive sites. Both Roatan and Utila offer a multitude of dive shops for all levels of diving, including professional certifications.

Divemaster Internships

A typical divemaster internship lasts around six weeks. This allows you to complete not only the required instruction, but to also learn the ropes of working in the dive industry. It's one thing to be a scuba diver - it's another thing to work on the other side of filling tanks.

Many divemaster internships will include dive shop skills from equipment maintenance to scheduling to boat maintenance. Spending at least six weeks at a dive shop teaches an intern the necessary skills to leave an internship with practical skills as a scuba pro.

If you want to become a scuba pro in the Bay Islands, be sure to contact a dive shop of interest to get a feel for the staff and their expectations of you as an intern. While most internships are generally the same, each dive shop is unique. An internship will require your full effort for nearly two months. You want to make sure you get along with the staff and you feel comfortable with the vibe of the dive shop.

Instructor Development Course (IDC)

There are several dive shops that offer the IDC in the Bay Islands. If you're hoping to get to the next professional level and become a scuba instructor, doing the IDC in the Bay Islands is a perfect plan. You can hone your professional skills in comfortable dive conditions during the two-week training course. The cost of living in the Bay Islands is also affordable. That way, you don't have to break the bank on accommodations, food, and other bills during your stay.

Many IDC graduates stay in the Bay Islands for on-the-job training and experience. You can live and work anywhere in the world. But staying in Roatan or Utila for a while after completing your IDC grants you an opportunity to immediately begin putting your newfound qualification to work. Racking up certifications and dives in the Bay Islands will make you even more marketable should you decide to head elsewhere later.

Are you going to become a scuba pro in the Bay Islands? Have you already completed your courses? Share your experience using #Go2Roatan on social media!

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