Beat the Heat in the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands of Honduras enjoy an incredible tropical climate all year-round. That means that sometimes we have rain, most times we have endless sunshine, and some days are just really hot! But, don't worry, we have some fantastic ways to beat the heat in the Bay Islands.

Tropical Heat in the Bay Islands

Generally speaking, the Bay Islands experience rainy season between October and March each year - it's aligned with your winter months up north. That doesn't mean we have winter temperatures though! We stay warm all year long, so you can escape the winter and head to the tropics to pay us a visit.

During the summer months, we experience a tropical summer. That means higher humidity and some intense tropical heat. It's also the time of year we tend to get those iconic tropical rainstorms rolling through. Those ones we see coming from a distance over the water...just that one black cloud coming our way. We pack up and head inside, let the storm roll through to cool us down, and then head back out to the beach for a marvelous sunset.

We're lucky in the Bay Islands that we are not in the traditional hurricane belt of the Caribbean. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, we tend not to get hit directly with hurricanes.

If humidity doesn't bother you too much, low season in the Bay Islands might be your favorite time to come visit! The crowds are gone, the prices drop, and you might just have your own private beach.

Tips to Beat the Heat

Given that we're a series of islands, you can probably guess that our best tips for beating the tropical heat involve getting into the water. We love to paddleboard and kayak - hopping into the water to cool off every once in a while (especially with snorkel gear in tow!).

We love to go scuba diving. Did you know that humidity doesn't affect you 40 feet underwater? It's true! Blowing bubbles is the best way to beat the heat in the Bay Islands! Get underwater for a refreshing reprieve filled with marine life and colorful coral.

Air conditioning is another option to consider. But, a quick tip: if you have the air conditioning on full blast while you're in your accommodation and also have it on full blast while you're in your rental car, it will be much harder for you to adjust to the climate.

Every single time you step outside will feel dramatically hot. It's usually easier if you turn on the air conditioning at night to help you sleep comfortably, but keep it off during the day. That way, you can enjoy being in the tropics without the difficulty of trying to acclimatize repeatedly!

Also, please be aware of your electricity usage and don't leave your air conditioning running while you're away all day. Windows and doors should all be closed tightly if you do turn it on at any point. We appreciate your help and understanding as we take care of our beautiful island environment!

Visit the Bay Islands

Whatever time of year you visit the Bay Islands, you'll enjoy the beauty and pleasure of a tropical environment. Dig your toes into the sand, bask in the sunshine, and cool off in the Caribbean Sea. It's simply the best way to beat the heat in the Bay Islands!

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan in all your social media posts! Show us how you beat the heat in the Bay Islands.

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