Beachfront Resorts in Roatan

Roatan has diverse topography and neighborhoods, with the shoreline changing from beach to iron shore to mangroves all around the island. If you want your accommodations to be right on the beach, make sure you're looking at beachfront resorts in Roatan specifically. There are many options to choose from and areas of the island to enjoy.

Roatan's Terrain

There are several areas of the island that offer stretches of powder white sand - that iconic Caribbean scenery we all adore. There are also many other parts of the island covered in iron shore, which is actually fossilized coral reef. Other stretches of shoreline are filled with mangroves, which are essential nurseries for juvenile marine life. They also serve to cleanse the water of pollutants.

Beachfront Resorts in Roatan

If you're specifically looking for beachfront resorts in Roatan, there are several areas you can look for resorts. First is West Bay Beach. All along this world-famous stretch of sand, you'll find hotels, resorts, dive shops, bars, and restaurants. There are several options for hotel or condo-style accommodations in some of the larger resorts here. There are also smaller cabana-style rooms with a more traditional island feel. Take your pick and enjoy your beachfront vacation!

Outside of West Bay Beach, there are other options for resorts that tend to have their own beach areas, meaning they are less public or even entirely private for guests.

Look for resorts advertising themselves as all-inclusive. Those are most likely to include a beach so you can stay right at the resort without having to drive elsewhere for time in the sand. Most of those types of resorts will also have their own dive shops, restaurants, bars, and perhaps other activities on-site as well.

Where to Stay in Roatan

Where you choose to stay in Roatan is entirely dependent upon the type of vacation you want to have. If you want to be scuba diving all day, every day, then be sure to book your accommodations near your dive shop for convenience. If you want to be golfing every day, you should stay at or near Pristine Bay, Roatan's only golf course.

If you want to stay in a more traditional island-style vacation rental or cabana, there are a few options on the western side of the island and many more on the East End. Some of the accommodations in Old Port Royal are only accessible by boat!

If you want to be within walking distance of lots of bars, restaurants, and shops, you should stay right in West End Village or on West Bay Beach. You can stay in a vacation rental outside of either of these areas, but then you're more likely to require a rental car for your stay.

Sandy Bay is a long stretch of sand along Roatan's northern shore which offers several options for hotels and small boutique resorts. There are also plenty of vacation rentals throughout this area. Keep in mind that much of the beach through here is also used as a road - so be careful of traffic and don't leave your belongings on the beach if you go out snorkeling.

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