Bay Islands Weather and Climate

The Bay Islands of Honduras are lucky to enjoy an ideal tropical climate year-round. Our temperatures stay high, our rainy season is refreshing, and hurricane season isn’t a major concern as the Bay Islands of Guanaja, Roatan, and Utila. Our islands enjoy a desirable annual climate, creating a perfect tropical island destination for any month of the year.

Seasons in the Bay Islands

While the Bay Islands don’t suffer from a snow-filled winter each year, we do still have seasons in the Bay Islands. The primary rainy season begins in October and lasts until February, much like the winter farther north. The difference in our winter is we see only rain, and even throughout our rainy season we have ample sunshine and the most gorgeous sunsets you’ll see all year.

Rainy season is a time to refresh our parched islands and to offer our plants a reprieve from the hot summer months. While you might encounter some overcast or rainy days if you visit us during these months, most likely you will also enjoy plenty of sunshine and several days of cloudless skies. Rainy season is a hit-or-miss time of year, but even at our lowest temperatures and rainiest days, the views are still stunning and the scuba diving is still gorgeous!

The second rainy season in the Bay Islands is in the summer months, when much of the Caribbean is dealing with hurricane season. We are far enough south and west to be fairly well protected from most hurricanes, but we still might catch the outskirts of a tropical storm. More typically, afternoon rainclouds might glide through for an hour or so. During these months, you’re much less likely to have full days of rain.

Bay Islands Weather

The average temperatures in the Bay Islands stay in the low 80sF (around 27C) throughout the year. During our winter, or rainy season, the temperatures will drop into the 70sF and maybe even dip below 70F at night. That’s as cold as it gets though! And in the hot summer months, expect the temperatures to be in the 90sF (around 35C) with lots of humidity as well. If you look at the forecast, you’ll probably see a chance of rain every single day – that’s normal for the tropics since there is always a chance of rain! But that doesn’t mean you’ll have overcast skies all day every day. That just means you might have an afternoon raincloud pass through and then it will clear up again.

Visit the Bay Islands

If you decide to visit the Bay Islands, don’t worry about the weather for the time of year you’re coming to visit. Whatever month you choose to visit us, you might get some rain, you’re very likely to get lots of sunshine, and you might enjoy a tropical thunderstorm that replenishes the plants and makes everything smell amazing. And if you’re scuba diving while here, you can rest easy knowing that even if it does rain every day during your trip, it won’t be raining 50 feet underwater!

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