About the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is a membership organization with the aim of making tourism the main sector of the Bay Islands of Honduras. The common goal of our members is to bring more people to our islands in a sustainable way, supporting the islands through tourism and creating more jobs for local residents.

The Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is a chapter of the national Tourism Bureau of Honduras. CANATURH is the acronym in Spanish for the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras, of which the Bay Islands are a major component.

Membership in the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is elective. Together, we meet on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss ongoing programs and new initiatives, all within the frame of improving and increasing the tourism industry in the Bay Islands.

One project we have already implemented to improve the islands’ services are the airport greeters you may have noticed if you flew into the international airport in Roatan. Those individuals who were answering your questions and assisting you in filling out your customs and immigrations forms while you waited to enter through customs and immigration are our wonderful volunteers. They offer their time and expertise to ensure you have a smooth arrival into Honduras, and to make sure your questions are all answered so you can have a relaxing and enjoyable visit to the Bay Islands.

Another initiative of the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau is to increase airlift to the islands. We work proactively and collaboratively to increase the accessibility of the islands to other countries by communicating with airlines to encourage them toward the Bay Islands. Introducing more airlines to the Bay Islands means greater accessibility from a variety of departure points internationally, and it also means increased variety of arrival and departure times for visitors. Our goal is to make it even easier to reach the Bay Islands from more places in the U.S., Canada, and other neighboring countries and Caribbean islands.

We work on a number of programs and projects throughout the islands to improve services and infrastructure for the benefit of all tourism operators and all residents of the Bay Islands. The work we do together is an effort to continue to grow the Bay Islands as a premier island destination in the Caribbean, while supporting sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

As the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau, we appreciate your support of our beautiful islands, and we appreciate the continued hard work of our members in creating a better future for the people and businesses of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

You can peruse the membership directory of the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau, and you can learn more about membership here.

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