Bay Islands Local Beers

With the rise of more and more microbreweries in the United States and Canada, we're finding lots of tourists are asking about the variety of local beers available in the Bay Islands.

People want to try something new and local, and we love to see that happen!

You can, of course, find a multitude of imported beers at any bar or restaurant you go to in the Bay Islands. However, at the top of every beer list will be the four main staples from Honduras: Salva Vida, Port Royal, Imperial, and Barena.

These four local beers are all brewed on the Honduran mainland by Cerveceria Hondurena, making them a great domestic option when you visit the Bay Islands. If you're a beer drinker, you'll find at least one of these varieties will appeal to you. Before you belly up to the beach bar, learn a bit more about all four of these local beers you'll find in the Bay Islands...

Salva Vida

Salva Vida is the national beer of Honduras. You will notice advertisements for Salva Vida everywhere you go, from the airport out to the bars themselves. During festivals, you'll likely see a giant inflatable version of a Salva Vida beer bottle - that's how popular this beer is in Honduras. When ordering at the bar, ask just for a Salva, they'll know what you mean. It's the brown bottle with the blue label. It has a life preserver on it because Salva Vida means Life Saver, and you might find you agree as it immediately cools you down from the tropical heat.

Port Royal

Port Royal is another common favorite among local beer drinkers. This green bottle with its green label will offer you particular interest if you're visiting the island of Roatan. Take a close look at the label and you'll notice some geographic coordinates printed there. Those are the coordinates for Port Royal itself, the original English settlement on Roatan's East End. The rule is the same for Port Royal: when you order at the bar, simply ask for a Port and you'll sound like you're local.


Imperial is a crisp alternative to mix things up from the standard favorites of Salva and Port. This is a uniquely Honduran beer, so don't confuse it with other beers named Imperial elsewhere in the region. Imperial is a great option after a day of scuba diving as you relive your underwater experiences while watching the sunset.


Barena is most commonly referred to as the Corona of Honduras. It is a very light beer that seems to go best while lounging in the sun. It comes in a clear bottle and is a pretty clear identifier of tourists versus locals. Refreshing nonetheless, you should give it a try while lounging poolside at your resort or while your toes are in the sand.

More About Local Beers

At all bars and restaurants, you'll receive your requested beer in a bottle. None of these Honduran local beers are available on draft. If you're buying your beer at a grocery store or convenience store, you'll have the option to purchase in the bottle or can, with cans typically being cheaper.

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