The Garifuna of Roatan

The Bay Island of Roatan is filled with an eclectic variety of residents. People from all over the world have settled here to enjoy the good life, taking in the beachfront lifestyle and embracing the laidback Caribbean vibes. They add to an already wonderful mix of local residents, including native islanders, mainland Hondurans, and the Garifuna…
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Bay Islands Currency and Money Information

The Bay Islands currency is called the Lempira. It is the national currency of Honduras, reflecting on the country's past and the Lenca people who used to live in the region centuries ago. Lempira was the Lenca leader who led the fight against Spanish conquistadores; his leadership and bravery are still recognized today as being exemplary. About the Lempira…
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A Brief History of the Bay Islands

The Bay Islands are currently owned by Honduras, but that hasn't always been the case. To better understand the culture of the area today, it's important that you at least know a brief history of the Bay Islands over the last several centuries as various groups settled in the region. Original Inhabitants of the Bay Islands…
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Where are the Bay Islands

Resting in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, the Bay Islands are a group of islands located off the northern coast of Honduras. As the crow flies, head due south from Pensacola, Florida, straight through Cancun, Mexico, and you'll reach our stunning Bay Islands of Honduras. The islands have a long and interesting history with various populations of people…
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Visiting via Cruise Ship

Roatan is home to two cruise ship ports and is a featured destination on Western Caribbean cruises sailing from Texas, Louisiana and Florida. There are plenty of activities for guests visiting Roatan on a cruise ship, please follow the links at the bottom to find the activities offered in Roatan for each cruise line.  We…
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Eating & Drinking in Paradise

There is no excuse for you not to try the traditional Bay Islands cuisine main ingredient: seafood! Most of the times served with rice and beans cooked in homemade coconut oil, and fried plantains chips. From fancy menus to creative served “on a leaf” food, you will find it.  But the most fascinating thing about…
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Flight & Airline Information

Roatan's International Airport offers convenient and short non-stop flights from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Miami year round. In less than two hours, you could be landing at our undiscovered paradise ready to enjoy an incredible adventure.  Below you will find the major US gateways with non-stop flights directly to Roatan.  There are also plenty of…
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Activities on the Bay Islands

Experience a one-of-a-kind cultural adventure with endless activities on the Bay Islands. Looking for excellent scuba diving? Or perhaps easy, enjoyable snorkeling? How about sailing through the jungle treetops in a zipline canopy tour? Fancy a round of golf on a championship course designed by Pete Dye? The list goes on and on! The Bay…
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