Animal Encounters in Roatan

The island of Roatan offers an incredible array of activities and attractions for tourists visiting the island. If you’re an animal lover, you will be thrilled to know about the many animal encounters in Roatan that you can enjoy.

Whether you’re visiting Roatan by cruise ship, or flying directly from international locations, or coming over from mainland Honduras via domestic flight or ferry, Roatan awaits you with so much to see! Take a look through some of the animal encounter highlights we have to offer.

Dolphins in Roatan

Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) is home to the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS). RIMS is responsible for the dolphin studies and educational endeavors of AKR and its sister location, Maya Key.

You can enjoy learning about these wonderful dolphins and support their continued care at either AKR or Maya Key through the dolphin encounter programs. Choose to scuba dive, snorkel, swim, or just visit with the dolphins and you’ll keep these memories for a lifetime.

Monkeys in Roatan

You won’t find any wild monkeys in Roatan, but there are a few animal parks and refuges where you can meet and interact with some monkeys. While you won’t wake up to the sounds of monkeys in the trees overhead in Roatan, you can still enjoy playing with them and supporting their care!

There are multiple locations with monkeys in Roatan, so ask your vacation rental property manager, your hotel concierge, or check with your cruise ship shore excursion desk for available options during your visit.

Sloths in Roatan

It’s no surprise that visitors to Roatan have gone crazy over a new location where sloths have been provided a safe home after being rescued. With continued deforestation on the Central American mainland, sloths have been losing their homes and driven toward villages where roads and people create a hazardous environment for them.

Some of these homeless sloths have been rescued and sent to Roatan to live in comfort and safety. You can visit them in French Key and support their continued care while visiting Roatan.

Iguanas in Roatan

Iguanas are everywhere in Roatan, and that’s the way they’re meant to be! Unfortunately, there was a period of population growth and development that threatened their survival on the island. People hunted them for food and increased development meant their safe spaces were being minimized.

Thankfully, local resident Mr. Sherman Arch created a safe space for them in French Key, where you can now visit the hundreds that live on his land. In creating this safe space for the island’s iguanas and protecting their dwindling population, Mr. Arch helped preserve an iconic part of Roatan. Head there to support his efforts and to feed a few banana leaves to these scurrying little dinosaur-esque creatures.

Rescue Animals in Roatan

While all these animal encounters in Roatan might make you squeal and smile for photos, another important animal population to consider is the local stray dog and cat population. Strays are a problem throughout Central America and the Caribbean, so you won’t go to any island without seeing them in the streets.

In Roatan, there are several organizations doing great work to minimize the stray problem through rescuing those in need, education, and bringing volunteer vets to the island throughout the year. You can support the work of these organizations during, or even before or after, your visit. Ask your vacation rental property manager or your hotel concierge for details on local groups you can help.

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