Airlines that Fly to Roatan

The Roatan international airport welcomes direct international flights from multiple countries. The members of the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau continuously work toward increasing airlift to the islands, but you can already find a number of airlines that fly to Roatan, making your visit to the islands that much easier.

Depending on the time of year, you can reach Roatan on any number of international or domestic flights direct to the island. During the winter, our high season for tourism, multiple flights per day can arrive from the U.S. and Canada. During the low season at the end of summer and into September and October, fewer international flights arrive from fewer locations, but you can still easily plan your visit to Roatan.

Airlines that Fly to Roatan from the U.S.

There are a few major airlines that fly directly to Roatan from various cities in the United States. From Atlanta, you can fly to Roatan on Delta Airlines throughout the year (about 3.5 hours). From Miami or Dallas, you can fly to Roatan on American Airlines throughout the year, including multiple weekly options during high season (about 3 hours each). From Houston, you can fly to Roatan on United Airlines throughout the year, again with multiple weekly options during the winter (about 2.5 hours).

Airlines that Fly to Roatan from Canada

During the winter months, both Air Transat and Sunwing fly directly to Roatan from both Montreal and Toronto. In about five hours, you can leave the frigid north for the white sand beaches of tropical Roatan. It doesn't get easier than that for a winter escape!

Airlines that Fly to Roatan from Central America

Traveling from other Central American countries to Roatan is very easy and popular. Many visitors from the western U.S. or Canada will end up arriving in Roatan via Avianca Airlines, whose hub is San Salvador airport. Only a quick hop from El Salvador, Roatan is a frequent destination for Avianca flights. If you're also visiting Belize for a diving or otherwise tropical vacation, you can conveniently fly between Roatan and Belize City on Tropic Air.

There are also several domestic airlines within Honduras that can bring you to Roatan from other major airports on the mainland. If you find cheaper flight options into Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula, rest assured that you'll have an easy option to fly to Roatan on Lanhsa, CM Airlines, or Sosa Airlines quite regularly.

Airlines that Fly to Roatan from the Caribbean

With continuous growing interest in Roatan from other destinations in the region, we are sure to see an increase in other airlines coming to our island. Currently, Cayman Air flies to the mainland coastal city of La Ceiba, from which you can fly to Roatan or take the ferry. Alternatively, flights to Cuba have been offered seasonally, and flights to Panama City have also come up as another option to get elsewhere in Central America.

Keep an eye out for even more direct flight options to Roatan coming soon!

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