Adventure Activities in the Bay Islands

A visit to the Bay Islands of Honduras just wouldn't be complete without trying out some of our countless adventure activities. We like to have fun here - and we welcome you to join us! Whether you love the thrill of speed or the joy of exploration, the Bay Islands are overflowing with adventurous opportunities.

Adrenaline Activities on Land

Get muddy and get moving with Extreme Roatan. This mud run and obstacle course is carved into a beautiful area of Roatan and offers visitors the chance to explore the jungle while challenging themselves. The race is held twice per year, but you can also book a private run by contacting the organizers directly.

Get the adrenaline pumping as you fly through the jungle treetops along one of Roatan's many zipline canopy tours. The island is perfect for these hilltop-to-beachfront adventures, allowing you to clip into a cable line and soar amongst the trees. Keep an eye out for lounging iguanas and tropical birds along the way.

Rent a moped, whiz around in a golf cart, or get dirty on an ATV bouncing through the mud and surf. If you want to try your hand at some island-style driving, just make sure to wear your helmet!

Adrenaline Activities Underwater

Roatan also boasts the very popular Waihuka Shark Dive. This is the only shop allowed to take divers to the Cara a Cara dive site, where sharks will freely swim around you and with you in an adrenaline-inducing dive. Learn more about the shark dive here.

Throughout the Bay Islands, freediving has taken over as an incredibly popular sport. Challenge yourself to dive deeper on one single breath of air - no tanks allowed here. You might amaze yourself as you push your own limits and enjoy the beauty of being underwater without the loud bubbles of scuba gear. Take a freediving course to be sure you learn proper techniques and stay safe. Just like scuba diving, you should never freedive alone.

Another popular underwater adventure is wreck diving. There are several around the Bay Islands that can be very creepy...shipwrecks just have that feeling about them. Explore some intentionally scuttled, and some legitimately shipwrecked, sites and learn about their histories from your divemasters. Remember to never penetrate a wreck while scuba diving unless you are trained and certified to do so.

Stay Active in the Bay Islands

Hiking in the Bay Islands is a popular option to stay on land and get some gorgeous views. Pumpkin Hill on Utila, several options in Roatan, and the beautiful waterfall of Guanaja are all fun and fairly easy hiking options.

Heading out for a swim and kayaking or paddleboarding along the shore are standard options throughout the Bay Islands. These can be your warm up for the more adventurous activities you'll undoubtedly pursue later in the day.

In the Bay Islands, you can pick and choose whichever adventure appeals to you most...we really do have it all!

Don't forget to use #go2Roatan in all your adventure activity photos while you're here. We want to see all the fun you're having!


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