Advanced Diving in the Bay Islands

Scuba diving in the Bay Islands offers incredible diversity. If you're not yet scuba certified, this is an ideal place to learn to dive. But there is also a wide array of advanced diving in the Bay Islands that veteran divers will love. From deep wrecks to caves to incredible marine life, the Bay Islands are a scuba diver's dream.

Caves and Cracks

There are plenty of dives offering interesting topography in the Bay Islands. In Roatan, check out world-famous Mary's Place with its two deep cracks that are covered with intricate coral growth and macro life. Or head to Hole in the Wall, locally known as Swiss Cheese for its multiple swim-thrus. If you're lucky, you'll see thousands of silversides in the cavern, too.

In Utila, visit Willie’s Hole for a dramatic open cave in the wall along with a stunning variety of coral growth. Blackish Point offers several caverns and swim-thrus, plus lots of nooks and crannies to spot macro life.

Wreck Dives

There are multiple wreck dives off both Roatan and Utila. With varying depths and resident marine life, each is worthy of a visit over several trips to the Bay Islands.

In Utila, check out the Halliburton. This 100-foot-long vessel was purposely sunk in 1998 to create an artificial reef. It sits upright and marine life is often found hiding in the cracks or circling the bridge as a large school.

In Roatan, El Aguila is a fantastic wreck dive featuring resident black groupers that enjoy a friendly visit. There is also beautiful coral growth on your ascent as the reef is just beside the wreck. The wreck is actually in three pieces now, after Hurricane Mitch tore it apart underwater.

The Odyssey is the another option for a wreck dive in Roatan, for the truly advanced (or Nitrox) divers. At 300-feet-long, the Odyssey is Roatan’s largest wreck dive. The wreck rests at 110 feet after being intentionally sunk for divers in 2002.

On Roatan's south side, check out the Prince Albert. Another intentionally sunk wreck, the Prince Albert is a 165-foot freighter that boasts extensive coral growth, nearly covering the entire wreck. Next to the wreck is another interesting site...a small propeller plane now serves as a local artificial reef!

Roatan Shark Dive

Ready to test your nerves? The Roatan Shark Dive is a fantastic experience organized at one specific dive site through only one specific dive shop, per Marine Park regulations. The dive site, Cara a Cara, means Face-to-Face, which is what you'll be with upwards of 20 Caribbean Reef sharks.

It's an exciting experience to be so close to such incredible marine life. Because of potentially rough surface conditions and a bottom depth of 80 feet, this dive is for advanced divers only.

Divemaster and IDC

If you consider yourself to be a truly advanced diver, why not get into the dive industry and get paid to dive? Doing your Divemaster internship or IDC (Instructor Development Course) in the Bay Islands offers you the opportunity to travel the world getting paid to dive.

Sure, you'll be working. But is it really work if you love what you do and have fun every single day? We don't think so!

Are you a dive fanatic? Tell us your favorite dive site in the Bay Islands! Share your stories and photos with #Go2Roatan on social media.

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