Activities in the Air

There are so many incredibly fun activities to do in the Bay Islands, how can you possibly choose what to do while on vacation? While we all know that scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities, there are also many activities in the air that you might want to consider for your upcoming vacation to the Bay Islands.

Ziplines in Roatan

The most popular activity that will have you flying through the air is the variety of zipline canopy tours available all over the island of Roatan. You'll find plenty of options available, with several of these ziplines starting up on the central ridge of the island and ending down on the beach. You can book your zipline canopy tour before you arrive, or wait to book with your hotel concierge or vacation rental property manager.

Parasailing in Roatan

In West Bay, Roatan's most popular beach area with lots of small resorts and hotels, parasailing is another popular activity in the air. This one will still get your adrenaline going as you rise high above the ocean, but once you've reached your maximum height, you can relax as you coast along and take in all the stunning scenery around you. Parasailing options are plentiful, so you can book through your hotel concierge or your vacation rental property manager once you arrive in Roatan. This activity is very weather-dependent, and it is usually advised that you go out earlier in the day as winds tend to pick up in the afternoon.

Flyboard in Roatan

Another thrilling West Bay option is very unique, and there is only one operation offering it currently. Take a walk over to Bananarama's activity center, located right on the beach, and you can try your hand at Flyboard. In this activity, you'll strap your feet into something similar to a snowboard, except there's no snow in sight around West Bay Beach! The board is connected to a jet ski, which offers you propulsion to be able to fly out of the water while standing on your board. You can flip, twist, and dive back into the clear Caribbean Sea...that is, as long as you can stand up in the first place!

Helicopter Tours of the Bay Islands

If you're ready for a thrilling adventure, take a seat on board a helicopter for an island tour like no other. Gaze at the stunning natural beauty of the Bay Islands from above, where the lush environment seems even more vibrant and green. The variety of colors in the Caribbean Sea will astound you as you look from above. You'll be able to follow the coral reef, seeing the channels that cut through it, and maybe even some marine creatures below. This is a weather-dependent activity, and should be booked in advance if possible.

Enjoy any and all activities that you do while in the Bay Islands, especially if you're flying through the air!

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